“Real Deal” athlete Lane Maher came to show our CCAP junior cyclocross team how it’s done. Thanks Lane!


Our Roots

We are a busy family. We are athletes. We own a bakery and we are constantly treading on to our next adventure. We try to eat as many family meals at home as possible, but it can be hard with so many schedules.. We eat clean, fresh and healthy foods, but we still need an on-the-go alternative. We all need to fuel our bodies well and we want it to be made from the best ingredients, taste delicious, and take us far.

Real food is something I always want when I start to bonk or have that deep down hunger. After decades of racing bikes and training with most every energy food out there, I decided it may be time to make my own. I knew it needed healthy carbs and protein. I know that I don’t do well just fueling with carbs, especially sugars alone. So, I chose to use nuts, nut butters, dried fruits and seeds for extra nutrition and ancient grains for complex carbs. We chose agave nectar for its low-glycemic properties, so it is truly an endurance bar. We also use maple syrup that is locally sourced and has many nutritional qualities!

I will always remember the one day I stopped liking all those bars that I had eaten over the years since I started racing. On this day it was cold, and l was in a panic, starting to bonk while crossing the George Washington Bridge and only 30 miles in to a 120 mile ride! I wanted a big egg breakfast and the bagel I had been given for breakfast was, sadly, already long gone. I already started to have that light-headed, hollow feeling and I knew I needed protein and carbs fast, but wanted it to taste like real food. After asking our support van for an egg and cheese sandwich and instead getting a laugh a protein bar handed to me from the window, I thanked them, but was not satisfied. I ate it. It kicked in, and I survived the ride, but decided this was no way to eat lunch when you spend a day on your bike.

I started trying local bars, energy balls, and bites sold at different bakeries and markets, while out on long rides. I knew I could do better, so I started making Real Energy Bars. Originally, they were for myself and my family, but as the recipe evolved, people have been asking for them and now you can try them too!

I hope you like them.

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