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Our Bars

Real energy bars are for you. They give you the nutrition you need to go about your day, finish your workout and get to your next adventure.   They are made from organic ingredients and best of all, they taste great!

The bar flavors all  share similar ingredients, but are distinctly unique.  Our first signature flavor - Apricot Almond, was created with cycling in mind. It is a tangy, tasty almond bar loaded with the nutrition of chia seeds, rye, oats, dates and almonds - and it's just sweet enough to satisfy. In each bar there is base of ancient grains - oats, rye and/or quinoa, then we add the nuts - almonds, walnuts, and pistachios, a nut butter, and dried fruits, such as dates, figs, and cranberries. 

The four real energy bar flavors are;  Number 1: Apricot Almond, Number 2: Chocolate Cranberry, Number 3: White Chocolate Pistachio, and Number 4: Fig Rye. The numbers represent their order of recipe creation. Coming soon: Number 5 & 6, made with locally sourced maple syrup and a nut-free bar!

See the nutritional labels below. Click on each image to make it larger. Please contact us with any questions. We take nutrition very seriously and our bars can be part of your good health.

Check out our new nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and Vegan bar, “Date Brownie with Hemp Seeds” #0!